This product is not recommended for people with latex allergies.

How to choose Latex colors:
Unshined Latex is a flat color. You can shine it yourself with Vivishine, or any silicone oil (NOT mineral oil!). Red rubber bands are an example of unshined red latex.
Shined Latex is glossy. Shined Latex is shined with Vivishine (available on Amazon), or any silicone oil (NOT mineral oil!).
Transparent Latex is actually Translucent. You can see details through it.
Metallic Latex is embedded with a Pearlsheen metallic flake to really make the shine stand out.

Care Guide for Latex
Latex is a natural based product and should be treated with care.
   The following items will damage, stain and prematurely age latex garment, avoid allowing them to come into contact with your latex garment:
• Sunlight: avoid prolonged exposure.
• Moisture: avoid prolonged exposure.
Oils and greases: beware oil based body products, makeup etc.
Solvents: including nail polish remover.
Copper and copper alloys: even small traces may stain light colored latex, beware jewelry and coins.
Heat: excessive heat will damage latex sheeting. Latex will burn! Be careful around naked flames, cigarettes etc.
Be very careful with sharp objects, jewelry and even fingernails, as it is easy to scratch or tear latex.
• Anything with chlorine or bleach should be avoided and any such contact will weaken the materials even if quickly rinsed. This includes swimming pool or hot-tub water.

 Shining Latex:
A good shine takes time.  The first time you polish your garment it will look shiny but quickly dull as the oxygen in the air interacts with the chemicals. Each time you wear and polish the garment, the longer it will keep its shine as the pores in the latex will absorb the polish. While it seems that getting a good shine would be easy, it requires patience, a gentle touch and practice. Be careful to polish but not rub the garment as it is possible over time, to develop weak spots in areas. If you feel heat from friction you should stop and use either more polish or a different technique.

Shine is a matter of personal preference.
DO NOT USE Armor All and similar products, found at auto supply or hardware stores.  Armor All is not designed for long contact with the skin and is poisonous if swallowed.

Use polishes like Vivishine or Pjür. Fill the sink with clean water, and use a TABLESPOON of the shiner, and gently swirl the garment in the water. Or use the spray, which is sprayed directly onto the garment and left to dry. We recommend using it in the shower or tub to keep the spray from getting on the floor or surrounding areas. Spray or spread a liberal amount onto the garment and gently smear it with a soft, lint-free cloth or bare hands until the surface gleams. DO NOT rub hard. Do not wipe OFF the shining product, merely spread it around. You will need to check your work under good lighting and do touch ups as required.

 Do not use oil or shining spray the bottoms of stockings, they will be slippery!

• Never machine wash, tumble dry or iron latex!
• Wherever possible wash latex garments by hand in clean warm water only. Massage the surface of the latex very gently with your finger tips to remove any marks. Ensure you wash inside and outside and rinse in clean water. DO NOT USE SOAP!
• Shake off excess water and hang on a PLASTIC HANGER to drip dry, once dry turn inside out to ensure both side are dry (some metals can harm latex).
• Stubborn marks may be removed with a little mild soap, but be careful to avoid any products containing oils or perfumes. Always rinse several times in clean water.
• Some colors of latex sheeting may take on a noticeable milky or cloudy appearance when washed. This will disappear as the rubber dries.

 Putting Latex On:
Use a Dressing Aid on your body - like Pjür Dressing Aid, Silicone or water-based Lube (yes, like the sex lube!); or use unscented baby powder coating the inside of the garment and your skin. Lube is better for transparent latex. Be careful of pulling too hard on the seams, if you're having trouble getting a garment on then you need to use more powder or lube. Do not pull, ROLL it on (like stockings). Be careful of fingernails or jewelry that could damage the latex.

• Store in a dark, dry place away from strong heat. Ensure that the latex sheeting is totally dry before storage and preferably lightly powder the insides to prevent the latex from sticking to itself. Do not store light and dark colors touching each other.

 Legal Disclaimer:
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This product is not recommended for people with latex allergies.