zippers-metal and invisible.jpg1-slider zippers are either invisible, metal slider with plastic teeth, or aluminum.
2-slider catsuit crotch zipper.jpg
2-slider zipper for catsuits - starts at the neck, goes through the crotch, up the other side to about the top of the butt crack, can be unzipped from either end.
circular zipper slider catwoman.jpg

Optional Circle Slider zipper

1 slider catsuit crotch zipper combo.jpg
2 separate zippers for catsuits,
1 slider for neck and front, 1 slider for crotch. Crotch zipper starts just under the bellybutton,  goes through the crotch, and up the rear to approximately the top of the butt crack.

Optional Selene from Underworld Slider zipper

2-slider-zipper-for pants.jpg
2-slider zipper for pants/leggings,
goes underneath the waistband with a slider in the front, then through the crotch and up the rear to underneath the rear waistband with a slider in the rear. Can be unzipped from either end.
plastic-zipper.jpg Plastic zipper. Can be
2 slider, separating,
or single slider.
Very sturdy. Plastic slider with thick plastic teeth.
3-slider-zipper-small.jpg  3 slider zipper. Can be unzipped from the top, the bottom or back, and the center where the crotch would be. Use your imagination! (up to 48 inches long)