zippers-metal and invisible.jpg1-slider zippers are either invisible, metal slider, or aluminum.
2-slider catsuit crotch zipper.jpg
2-slider zipper for catsuits - starts at the neck, goes through the crotch, up the other side, can be unzipped from either end.
circular zipper slider catwoman.jpg

Optional Circle Slider zipper

1 slider catsuit crotch zipper combo.jpg
2 separate zippers for catsuits,
1 slider for neck and front, 1 slider for crotch.

Optional Selene from Underworld Slider zipper

2-slider-zipper-for pants.jpg
2-slider zipper for pants/leggings,
goes underneath the waistband with a slider in the front, then through the crotch and up the rear to underneath the rear waistband with a slider in the rear. Can be unzipped from either end.