Photo by Life Magazine.
Bill Murray was the emcee in Chicago at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival on June 26, 2010. He did his own rendition skit of Jimi Hendrix (Monterey Pop version). Of course, he was wearing Suzi Fox pants. This picture appeared in People Magazine.
On January 31, 2011, RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 3, Episode 3, "Queens in Space" had the Drag Queens customizing their Suzi Fox metallic foil, Hooded Catsuits for a skit.
Copper and Fuchsia catsuits by Suzi Fox shown on RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 3, Episode 3, 'Queens in Space,' 1-31-2011.
Suzi Fox logo shown on RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 3, Episode 3, 'Queens in Space,' 1-31-2011.
Mucho Dinero looks like it is going to be an awesome movie, being filmed in California. Meet Ashley Thomas, who absolutely found the best two weapons a lady could have, a shotgun and a Suzi Fox catsuit!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Photo by Michael Fancher.

Catsuits used in the promotion of Western Star Trucks include the Suzi Fox Camisole Style Spaghetti Strap Catsuit in Wet Look black, and in Royal Blue Metallic Foil Coated Nylon Spandex.

 Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal Jewelry with Suzi Fox catsuits and dresses Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal Jewelry with Suzi Fox catsuits and dresses d1-2006lm.jpg

These models were wearing Suzi Fox Camisole Style Catsuits in the Fashion and Jewelry show for Sergio Gutierrez's Liquid Metal Spring/Summer 2010 Collection in Miami, LA and New York in September, 2009. (catsuit), (dress). See Sergio Gutierrez website at
For Hector De La Rosa, star of "Escape from New Jersey," Suzi Fox modified this black Wet Look Muscle Tee shirt by adding zippers at the shoulders like Snake Plissken would have worn. Gorgeous!
The base dress for this costume was custom made by Suzi Fox for The Living Garden®'s Black Widow show. Corset and accessories by The Living Garden®. Yes, that's water! See their site at

Dr. Noah Tal Kaufman, better known as NinjaDoc on American Ninja Warrior! What a showman wearing his Suzi Fox gold pants and shirt! He is truely an inspiration.

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Shirt and pants by Suzi Fox. Shirt:


Customer Picture! She did Cosplay at Comic Con 2015 - photo by MTV!
Goddess Severa is 6'5" tall and stunning!
Catsuit and gloves by : Suzi Fox
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See the catsuit at
Sexy Corona Girls! They told us what they wanted, Suzi Fox made it happen. Thanks Corona, we really enjoyed working with you!
If you watched football on  television on Thursday nights in 2010, you probably saw these gorgeous cheerleaders wearing custom Suzi Fox tops and shorts.
Mr Marvelous film, day 6 of production in Cambridge MA. Mr Marv's suit by Suzi Fox, with Director Paul Goleburn. Suzi Fox's staff made two almost identical catsuits, one for the star, and one for the stunt man who would be wearing protective gear underneath. What fun!
Thanks to Kelly Kolhagen at MS&L Public Relations for sending us the picture of their model, Jordan, who is 6'4" tall, wearing a custom Suzi Fox silver catsuit.