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Turquoise Gloss Vinyl/PVC coated Spandex (per yard price if you want to buy extra is $25 per yard).
Four Way Stretch.
80% Nylon, 20% Spandex.

Polyurethane coated. Very glossy! This fabric is very tight, 4-way stretch with about a 2" stretch. It will hide minor cellulite and hold in small love handles. Vinyl will separate from backing if worn too tight or if rubbed excessively. If you like PVC, you will LOVE this fabric! It's also a great alternative to latex.

Available in black, white, red, navy blue, royal blue, turquoise, purple, Neon Pink, fuchsia, light pink, matte black (no shine), matte white (no shine), black 3D Prism, red 3D Prism, Turquoise 3D Prism, Baby Blue 3D Prism, Hot Pink 3D Prism.

Hand wash inside out in cold water, line dry. Iron inside out on low heat. Do not bleach.

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